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Meet the Team

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Sydney Pinoy-Peyronnet

Founder of Hearth, Manager of Neuroscenter Dept. & Neurofeedback Practitioner

I was born in France in a family environment surrounded by art and psychology. I grew up in Barcelona and I graduated in Business Administration. After spending a few years living and working abroad in Africa and Paraguay, in the hospitality industry, I returned to Spain where I suffered a head injury with a horse accident. The head injuries kept me from sleeping and working, causing depression and anxiety. I was introduced to the EMDR and Neurofeedback therapies and reversed the effects of my depression and anxiety, improving my sleep pattern from 2 hours per night to 10 hours. Through my improvement process I was inspired and started studying neuroscience and training as a Neurofeedback practitioner in Arizona. I am the founder of Neuroscenter and the Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center with the aim that neuroscience and psychology could be complemented with art and creativity, in order to enrich people's lives. I work in Spanish, English and French.


Benjo Podlech

Psychologist and Transpersonal Coach

Benjo was born in Chile. He has been trained in different disciplines for well-being including Psychology, NLP, Ontological Coach, Systemic Coaching and Complementary Therapies. He has experience working in company training, education, training therapists, documentaries, radio, talks and workshops in Chile, Argentina, and different regions of Spain. He works creatively combining his expert knowledge of the human condition with intuition, love for the process of self development, and the personal growth of individuals and groups. ``When you stop comparing yourself, you start to find yourself.`` Benjo works in Spanish and English.


Ryan S. Jenkins

Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner

Ryan S. Jenkins is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and full member of the National Council of Hypnotherapists and General Hypnotherapist Register (UK). Using the many applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP with clients he specializes in overcoming addictions, anxiety treatment, and pain management. He is currently researching the most modern methods of self-hypnosis. Ryan works in English.


Alicia Santos

General Health Psychologist and specialist in Mindfulness and EMDR

Alicia Santos has a degree in psychology and is a specialist in Mindfulness and EMDR. She works as a clinical researcher at the Hospital de Sant Pau and collaborates in the associations AFIBROCAT and Psicólogos sin Fronteras. She is co-editor of the blog ``ParaEmocionarse`` that covers psychology and emotions.


Meet the Neuroscenter team