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Neurofeedback & EMDR Training - Hearth
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Neurofeedback & EMDR Training

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Neurofeedback & EMDR Training

What is Neuroscenter?

It is the psychological department of Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center where we provide customers with the tools to solve problems and to improve certain skills in the shortest possible time.

We have a more therapeutic part where people come for healing; people who have depression, anxiety, ADHA or OCD, but we also have the part where people come simply to improve and empower more concrete skills.

How do you do it?

When people come to our centre for the first time, we do an analysis to see what aspects we can improve, empower or repair for each person. We always offer personalised support all the way through the process.

What sets us apart from other centres?

The Neurofeedback technique is our most differentiating point. It is a non-invasive technique that helps us understand how each mind works. Through a special machine with 19 sensors we measure the brain activity of each user, we then analyse and repair areas that do not work well. It is a method open to all types of people including those who simply want to improve their personal and work environment.

How exactly does it work?

The Neurofeedback test lasts 30-40 minutes and is done with electrodes. It is an electroencephalogram where a cap with 19 sensors is placed on the head and records the brain activity. The analysis is sent to the United States where a complete brain mapping is done. When the results are returned we see which areas of the brain need to be trained.

And then?

Once we know which areas of the brain are working too much, too little or are not well connected we do an individualised treatment where the user works specifically on the appropriate areas. It could be the part that deals with emotions, attention, sleep …….


It seems very effective …

It is. Many types of anxiety problems or attention problems are solved … In people with attention deficit (ADT and ADHD) 90% of the cases are resolved. With about 60 sessions of Neurofeedback this problem is corrected because the brain waves are changed and no medication is necessary.

How is it achieved?

We put on the cap with the sensors that record the brainwaves. If these waves are working too much or are not working enough, the video game that is being projected on the screen and connected to the Neurofeedback machine stops. When the brain is relaxed, concentrated and working well, it reconnects. It’s like learning to drive a car. At first it is difficult, but then new connections of the brain are gradually being created or enhancing those that already exist. It is a non-invasive technique. We do not send any information to the brain. It is a video game that captures the brainwaves and guides you to the specific areas that you have to work on.

It looks like science fiction …

It is the future of psychology. Personality does not change, but the well-being of the person improves. People feel better and can control their emotions.

Is this therapy also done with children?

Yes, it works very well in cases of children with ADHD or hyperactivity. First, we look at their life to detect if there is any kind of trauma. If this is the case, then we use EMDR to resolve the trauma and then we apply neurofeedback.

What is EMDR?

It is another very effective technique that resets the mind to focus clearly and sharply day by day. Through eye movements, such as when we are asleep in the REM phase, we help to archive the negative experiences of our lives. We are able to desensitise the emotions that are trapped in our emotional brain, (whether traumatic or not) and let them pass to the intellectual brain for reprocessing.

Does Neurofeedback and EMDR work quickly?

Improvements are made much faster than with any other therapies because the techniques affect the brain directly and without mediation. It is very effective and scientifically proven. In the end, people save time and money.

I understand that they are not mutually exclusive.

No, on the contrary. Neurofeedback and EMDR complement each other very well.

Sydney Pinoy-Peyronnet
Director at Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center

I was born in France in a family environment surrounded by art and psychology. I grew up in Barcelona and I graduated in Business Administration. After spending a few years living and working abroad in Africa and Paraguay, in the hospitality industry, I returned to Spain where I suffered a head injury with a horse accident. The head injuries kept me from sleeping and working, causing depression and anxiety. I was introduced to the EMDR and Neurofeedback therapies and reversed the effects of my depression and anxiety, improving my sleep pattern from 2 hours per night to 10 hours. Through my improvement process I was inspired and started studying neuroscience and training as a Neurofeedback practitioner in Arizona. I am the founder of Neuroscenter and the Hearth Integrated Wellbeing Center so that neuroscience and psychology could be complemented with art and creativity, in addition to helping to enrich people's lives. I work in Spanish, English and French.