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Lucia No3 - Hearth
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Lucia No3

Hearth / Lucia No3

Lucia No3

Bilateral stimulation by light

HYPNAGOGIC LIGHT LUCIA No3 is a neurostimulator, which uses light to activate a portal of our perception with fixed and flashing lights of different frequencies depending on the chosen program. This lamp is two components at the same time: Stimulation (through the white light) and Relaxation (through a brain gym). This is highly recommended for people with a high degree of stress, chronic fatigue, depression, etc.

Dr. Dirk Proeckl, a neurosurgeon and a psychologist, along with Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a clinical psychologist, have created this hypnagogic lamp. Their research focuses on the interaction between the psyche and the nervous system.

Hypnagogia, according to the description of the psychologists, is the precise mental state between wakefulness and sleep that is the key to develop our creativity. In this semi asleep and awake “limit state” our conscience perceives dreamlike images and different sensations. Many famous artists have used this hypnagogic state to develop their brilliant works of art.

What is happening in our mind to create this state of hypnotic journey of consciousness?

Scientists have observed the presence of mostly Alpha and Theta waves, which allow us to be aware and relaxed at the same time, similar to meditation. This state of hypnagogia is highlighted by a decrease in the activity of the cerebral prefrontal cortex, involved in planning, decision making, and problem solving. This relaxed state of stillness allows you to generate an increase in creative ideas, since the lamp provides the path to the unconscious and intuitive mind. Researchers from the University of Texas describe it as bringing about moments of brilliant clarity that help you solve concrete situations. Your unconscious mind can send these solutions through images or other sensations.

What experience?

The lamp provides us with a deep relaxation of the limbic system, taking into consideration that each session is unique, unrepeatable, and very personal according to our “mind-body” diagram of the moment. The session is held sitting very comfortably and with your eyes closed.